Welcome to My Photo World

An author friend once advised me, “Make all your sentences do double-duty,” that is, to have each phrase convey more than one level of meaning. It works in creative writing, and it works as well in photography.

Since I was given my first plastic Baby Brownie when I was eight, I’ve been fascinated by looking through a little window at the play of light and dark, textures, shadow and tone in both color and black and white. As time went on, I realized that I was also interested in the possible subtext for a given photo. Who lives in the rook behind those Parisian shutters? Are they at home now, or is that room empty and waiting? I wanted to create images that prompted these – or other – questions in my viewers’ minds.

I’ve been photographing since I was about eight (the picture of me was taken with that camera by my eight-year-old pal, Bobby Parker). I’ve worked professionally, freelance and with the Gazette at the Harvard University News Office, here in the Twin Cities at Lavender magazine, at a variety of types of photography, news, theater, and a smattering of sports. Harvard’s Fogg Museum accessioned my portrait of Georgia O’Keefe. As Editor Emeritus I still write for Minneapolis’s Lavender magazine, my play Changes in Time has been produced and reviewed in the Star Tribune, and my psychological thriller, M-o-t-h-e-r Spells Murder is available for your reading pleasure.

The work on this website runs from 1968’s “Peachbottom Creek, VA” to the present. I’ll talk more about my photography from time to time on my blog, and I’ll be happy to exchange ideas with you or answer questions there.

Browse. Enjoy.